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Market Outlook


Positional call - 11 May 2017

Buy bhartiartl cash at 363 & dips 358-360

Stoploss 350 (Closing basis)  CMP 363-64

Target 378-380/400 in 15-20 days


Buy Idea cash above 93 SL 87

Tgt 100-102/114/128 in 15-20 days (Cmp 90)




07 May 2017..

Buy Icicibank cash at 294-297 SL 288 Tgt 308/320/350 in 1 month time

Cmp 296

High 308.50.. Reached 1st target


29 March 2017

Buy Hindalco cash above 192

stoploss 188 Target 199-200/208

High 199.50 on 05 April


Buy Nmdc cash at 132-133 SL 127 Tgt 144-145/155

Cmp 133

Till now  high 137.50




25 MARCH 2017


STOPLOSS 1090 TGT 1116/1128/1140

CMP 1095 (25 MARCH 2017)

MADE HIGH 1117.70..



14 MARCH 2017

CEAT LOOKS GOOD cash at 1196-1204 

SL 1175 (CL)  Target 1260/1300

CMP 1204 

CEAT TYRE made high 1340 




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