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Market Outlook

FII Trend - 24 - Nov - 2014

In the cash market today, FII’s bought 407 crores stock whereas DII’s sold 162 crores worth of stock. In the derivative market, FII’s bought 49 crore of Index futures and sold 26 crores worth of Index options. In the Stock futures segment, FII’s sold 157 crores worth of stock futures and sold 14 crores of stock options. Today was a good session for the market. Given the kind of buying we witnessed on Friday, this was not unusual. While Nifty is moving up on less momentum, it is Bank Nifty which is not showing any signs of slowing down. Even for immediate short term, this is a very healthy sign for the market and a stark reminder to traders to trust the medium to long term trend. Nifty is following price action of S&P 500 quite closely. By following price, what we mean is that pattern of movement is quite similar. Last year, S&P 500 was steadily moving up without significant momentum. Whenever it got extremely overbought, it gave a pullback of 2-4% and again began moving up. Nifty on the whole is following this pattern. All the dips are being bought and even in future this might play out. Low volatility phase is also helping the price to move forward.

FII Trend Derivatives – Up

FII Trend Cash – Up

Price Trend – Up

Nifty EOD Charts

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